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C1 Edison. Tapers


PART III (1887-1898)

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies available. Every technical effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.

Sass Re ——— TTY,


Reel duplication of the whole or of. any part of this film is prohibited... > In lieu of transcripts, however, ane enlarged photocopies of selected o items contained on these reels a _may be made in order to facilitate pene: _research. |

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Plant Operations Notebook, N-92-05-02.1

This notebook, which covers the period April 1892-February 1893, is a continuation of N-92-03-19. It was used by Edison and an unidentified author primarily for notes from experiments on reducing phosphorous. The tests are numbered 153-158. Test numbers 157 and 158 are complemented by two letters from Booth, Garrett & Blair, analytical chemists. An incomplete, inserted note by Edison regarding phosphorous tests is followed by a complete, variant version in another hand under the title, "Experiments made by Mr. Edison for the removal of Phosphorus from magnetic concentrates." The book also includes two tests for the gold properties of arsenical pyrites. The front cover is labeled "Mr. Edison’s Phosphorous Expts #2." The spine is labeled "Mr. Edisons notes." The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 25 pages have been used. Thirteen loose pages have been inserted into the book.

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Analytical Chemists,

406 Locust street, Philadelphia, Pa, June 16th, 1892,

Ne. J. & Pa. Concentrating Works, : Dear Sirs:-

= The two sanples No's 157 and 158, of Iron Concen- trates, which we received from you on the 14th inst, contain:

No, 157, Phosphorus,

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No, 158, Phosphorus,

Sample. No, 156 we will send you as soon as we can repeat our

analysis, an accident having happened to our first determination,

(Signed) Booth, Garrett & Blair,

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- » t (77 ary vA BOOTH, GARRETT & BLAIR, GUA oil Dhl

ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS. y /) ap , es Hl Sy alli, June.1sth. 4!’.92

% ¢

N.dersey & Pennsylvania Concentg. Wks.

Edison Building Broad St.N.Y.

Gentlemen: \


: The sample of finely ground ore i



received from you a few days since marked “156” i @ontained as received ané@ not dried: i Phosbhorus......... . 0.005%


Yours respectfully, ]

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[CA. FEBRUARY 13, 1893]

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Plant Operations Notebook, N-93-01-10

This notebook covers the period January-February 1893. It was used by Charles Batchelor and Edison primarily for notes, drawings, and calculations from 63 numbered experiments on the magnetic separation process. Notes on experiment 62 are by Walter S. Mallory. The series is followed by drawings, notes, and measurements from a "Duster experiment" and an unnumbered "Concentrate Seperator Experiment." An unidentified graph is inserted near the end of the book. The pages are unnumbered, and the book has been used in both directions. Approximately 140 pages have been used.

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